Be prepared for this critical new step to become a pharmaceutical or medical sales rep

I wanted to shoot this quick video to speak about something that I experienced recently,

that I never had experienced before in my many years as a medical sales rep.



Traditionally, after going through the phone screening, the headhunters usually send you

to the face-to-face interview.


In this opportunity, instead, I was directed to a web-based Interview.


It was not a live online interview because nobody was in the other side conducting it; the

questions were already pre-populated and I had to sit in front of my computer to record

my answers.


They only gave me the chance to record my answers, once or twice; so as you can imagine,

You’d better make sure that your answers are well put together.


I have a couple of things to say about the experience. First, technology is always changing

and evolving, therefore I won’t be surprised if this new type of interviews actually becomes

a new trend in the companies; and second, we have to be ready in case this new procedure

becomes the new gold standard and integrated as part of the hiring process to work in this



In my training videos I cover deeply the interview process to become a sales rep in the

pharmaceutical or medical area, and the same principles that I talk about for the interview

process can be applied to the web-based interviews.


These are some tips you can follow for the web-based interviews:

a. Dress as if you were going to a real interview.

b. Be sure you have a nice haircut or hairstyle.

c. Prepare your background (kids, pets, messy rooms,

inappropriate images, dirty or damaged walls or noise shouldn’t

appear in the recording).

d. Make sure your equipment’s components are working properly

(microphones, camera, Internet connection, etc.).

e. Try not to improvising your answers. Prepare for your interview as much as you can.

f. Have your CV at hand for your reference.


I hope these recommendation help you and as I mention I cover this topic more deeply in

my training videos to prepare you in the best possible way to get your dreamed job.