Benefits of Becoming a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

It is not a secret that trying to get a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep can be very competitive. Such competition is created because these jobs are very demanded by many applicants thanks to the benefits of being a drug rep.

In this video I summarize some of them:

These are some of the benefits:

  • A very good income: Quite often pharma sales rep make 100k or more. Medical device reps can make as much as 300k a year. That is more money than many doctors.
  • Flexible schedule and independence: In most companies, pharma sales rep are the ones who design their own routing. They don’t have to report to any office. They leave their home and drive to call on their clients. Most reps only see their supervisors twice a month.
  • Balanced Quality of Life: Most reps are subject to the schedule of the doctors, which is generally from Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. Therefore they make a decent income without working crazy hours. Besides dealing with the doctors and staff members generally assures a good work environment.
  • Great benefits: Most companies offer 401K, good health and life insurance, company car, a fuel card, reimbursement for cell phone, internet, tolls, parking and other expenses.

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  • Elvis, I did not see where you can click for online course. I went through different tabs on homepage and found information but not to see what course contains and cost. Thank you

    • Hi Kevin.

      I only open the course for enrollment 4 times a year.

      I will be reopening it in a couple of months.

      I will send you an email then

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