Body Language Tips for Your Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interviews

Leaning forward is a genuine method of displaying great body language in the course of a job interview. Job interviews can turn out to be a hard balancing act. You desire to be confident but not arrogant; clever but not someone who seems to know all.

Career professionals have for a long time assessed body language as a method of knowing someone’s personality.

Below are Some Tips to Follow in an Interview

Body Language Tips for Your Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interviews

When Seated, Lean Completely Backwards
Sit steadily and rest your back upright adjacent to the chair. This is an automatic sign of self-confidence and assertion. In case you naturally slouch, create a mental picture that a string on top of your head is pulling you upwards.

Avoid Unswerving Eye Contact

Rather than this, opt for ‘straight face contact.’ To maintain an interested demeanor and look focused look at the person’s different areas of the face after two seconds, moving from the eyes, to the nose then lips, to avoid staring into the eyes of the interviewer.


Utilize Hand Movements while Talking

In case you are uncertain on how to handle your hands, you can gesture as you talk. When you are very anxious, you are tempted to keep your hands out of sight as they portray your worry. When you hide your hands, this can be misconstrued as suspicious conduct.


Display Your Palms

Upright palms indicate sincerity and commitment. The limbic part of the brain detects optimism and this makes the interviewer relax. This is one of the reasons why people shake hands; to display the open palms. This is related to survival instincts. We go on the defensive if we do not view open palm movements. Generally, body language which faces upwards like smiles, open palms and upright posture makes you appear active.


Place Your Feet on the Floor

It is advisable to keep the feet firmly on the floor. Women should avoid ever crossing their knees, but the ankles instead, as this enables them to change if needed, in a discreet manner. Scientifically, it is beneficial to keep your feet on the ground. It is possible to respond to very difficult queries when you place your two feet on the ground.


Manage Your Walking Style

Most often, interviewers make a decision to hire in the initial 10 seconds when they meet you. Your manner of walking may affect this decision. Pull the shoulders back and elongate the neck. Each step should be about one or two feet in width.

Walk straight to the individual you are going to meet, with each part of your body directed where he is. Maintain eye contact and occasionally break to the side.


Take a deep breath and speak after exhaling

One method of calming interview nerves is breathing appropriately. It is advisable to inhale when you are asked a question by the interviewer. Allow the air to flow after you speak upon exhaling. When you breathe deeply, you become calm and the heart rate is lowered, as well as blood pressure and hormone level stress.

As you Listen, Bob your head

Apart from maintaining face and eye contact, bob your head as this is an extra method of portraying concentration. It also shows you are following what is being said and enjoying the interaction.


Lean Forward

It is natural to lean in when you become engaged in a conversation. When you lean forward a bit and keep your chest high and shoulders back, this shows interest. Your posture is an important section of your silent communication.


Additional Information

Phone Interviews

When having a phone interview, placing your feet firmly on the ground have been found to be beneficial.

Other experts advice to smile as you talk over the phone, as this triggers some positive NLP signs that believe it or not, are perceived by the other person.

It is also advisable to walk during the phone interview. I personally always do this. I am not sure why, but it makes me feel more secure and active during the process.


Hope it helps!