How To Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales

April 2, 2015

If you have been wondering how to get into pharmaceutical sales, you are in the right place!

My name is Elvis and I have been a pharmaceutical sales rep for the last 16 years. During this time I have been hired as a pharmaceutical sales rep by six different companies, even in the worst times of the industry where practically there were no position available in the market and the competition to get a position was quite fierce.

All these years there has been a constant question that people ask me all the time:

How do I become a pharmaceutical sales rep?

The question usually comes from people who would love to make a career transition into my field.

However I have noticed a constant:  A tremendous amount of frustration from those who have attempted to break into pharma.

I can totally relate to that because I experienced it myself before working as a drug rep.

The truth is that pharmaceutical sales jobs are kind of a very hermetic circle. Once you are in, it is relatively easy to move inside the circle. But if you are not part of it and don’t know what REALLY takes to get in, it can be more that frustrating, if not impossible.



Knowing what you need to know to find your dream job in pharma and complete the transition TOTALLY achievable.

I am a living proof of that.

I came from the Airline industry, working in the security department of a major airline and went from there to pharmaceutical sales.

Can you think about a background more unrelated than mine?

If I could do it, you can do it!


What I have noticed is that most applicants try to get into pharmaceutical sales in the same way that they do and approach getting just another job, and that doesn’t work!

This is a different animal. Therefore the knowledge of the tactics, techniques and insights of the circle must be known and mastered to become part of it.

The second aspect is that it being a pharmaceutical sales representative is one of the most wanted jobs in the US and around the globe.

Why is this?

Let me explain… there are real and very desirable benefits of the job:

  • Making six figures is totally attainable in pharma sales.

As a matter of fact, some medical device reps can make around 300k a year. That is more than many doctors.

  • Flexible Work Schedule.

You will not be working in an office.  I would shoot myself if I would have to be enclosed in an office with my boss across the aisle. This is a job of great independence. Where most of the time, you manage your time and if you eventually need to run a personal errand during the day, nobody is going to be looking at you in a bad way.

  • For the most part, you work Monday thru Friday from 9 to 5

I have some friends that are lawyers and CPAs and I feel sorry for them. Yes, they make money, but at what cost? They often leave their

For the most part, you will be calling on doctor offices. They don’t open during the weekend and to be fair, whenever as a rep you show up after 4:30pm you are not really that welcome in the offices because the doctors and the staff members want to leave early.

  • You get a company car or car allowance

Most of the times the company gives you a company car with a maintenance plan (they pay for all necessary repairs) and a fuel card. If you add all of that, yours savings are very substantial every month. In the event you get a car allowance most companies pay between $600-$700 a month plus a fuel card as well.

  • 401k and stocks

All pharmaceutical companies that I know give you a 401k contribution match and often they offer or assign you stock options.

  •  Travel and Entertainment Expenses

The expenses are no longer what they used to be, but still you get a monthly budget that you have to spend with your clients. I often have lunches with my offices almost every work day of the month. That’s also a good amount of savings for not buying lunch every day. Some companies also allow you to get the credit card points of such expenses and if you have travel territory you accumulate a bunch of hotel award points.

  • Great Health Insurance


These are are just some of the benefits and as you can see they make the job as a rep very desirable.

Often a hiring manager several hundred of resumes for every position posted, but

Don’t worry!

Because you are about to get the insights that will put you ahead of the crowds. The tactics and secrets that are not known by the general public that I have learned through the years being in this industry. Remember!  I started like most of you, without previous experience and knowledge about the industry and trust me on this:

You can do it too !

I have prepared a video series that will explain step by step what is needed for you to get the job in pharmaceutical sales.

I have consistently applied these principles and successfully mentored several individuals who have followed my blueprint to break into pharma.

This training will guide you in your preparation to shape your professional profile in a robust way to make you a mouth watering top candidate for the hiring managers.


This is what you are going to learn in the videos:

  • What you REALLY need to get into pharmaceutical sales

Very often I hear from people who have been misled in terms of what they need to get the job and they end up spending time and money in certifications ans other things that are not really necesary to get offer

  • The Secret KEY to get in

I will share with you the path I took to transition. This path is extremely fast and effective and have been used by people who I have mentored into pharma with great success as well.

  • How to get your phone ringing from pharmaceutical recruiters

No more applying and being ignored. Get the attention of the companies and the hiring managers.

  • How to get the face to face interview

How to go from the crowd of a applicants to the selected few candidates that make it to the final interviews.

  • How to get the offer

How to finally get the job of your dreams!

In addition to the training videos you will get:

  • My personal list that I have built over the years with more than 1,000 recruiters who specialize in pharmaceutical sales recruiting  ($150 value)
  • My personal collection of interview questions that pharmaceutical hiring managers often ask in the interview process ($99 value)

I am adding those bonuses TOTALLY FREE with the purchase of the video training!

All of this. backed up by a 30 days money back guarantee !

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