How to make a great interview to get into pharmaceutical sales. Interview Tips

One of the most important things that everybody would agree when going to a job interview, is to project confidence.

This could be sometimes difficult, especially when it is something new for you or when you have high expectations about having that position you’re applying for.

From my own experience, I can tell that the best way to project confidence is by developing the competences you’ll need to fill the position you’re applying for.

But how do we do to develop the competences we need?

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Here there are some tips:

1. Practice. I must say that I learned the lesson in the hard way, by learning from my

own mistakes. I remember my first phone screening… the recruiter who was interviewing me was so frustrated by the answers I gave, that simply hung up on me without finishing the interview.

With practice and time (and some missed opportunities), I noticed that most of the recruiters asked pretty much the same questions, which leads me to the second tip for having a great interview:

2. Prepare For the Interview. Yes, when I finally realized that their questions where
quite similar, I begun to prepare my answers so they didn’t surprise me.

The point is not following a script like if we were a cooking recipe, but knowing the pertinent answers to give.

It made a huge difference: My responses begun to be powerful and concise, it helped me to be ready and not improvising my answers in the spot.  Also, it helped me to adapt my answers to those questions that were different from the rest.

These tips actually helped me a lot to give my best first impression in the interviews.

This is the reason why in the training videos I prepared, I included my collection of the most commonly asked questions during the interview process in the pharmaceutical sales area.

Devote some time to adapt those answers for yourself and customize your own experience, so you don’t pass through the same painful process I passed to develpe my confidence, and you can make a great interview to get into pharmaceutical sales.

If anything, just drop me a line and ask any question.  I’ll be glad to help you.