Overcoming the challenges to become a pharmaceutical sales rep

I am going to try to illustrate what is the biggest challenge that you can face when trying to become a pharmaceutical sales rep.

Imagine there is a hiring manager who’s looking for somebody to fill a

pharmaceutical sales rep the position of pharmaceutical sales rep, and he is

presented with Candidate N° 1.


Candidate N° 1 is somebody who fills the requirement of the Bachelor’s Degree,

this person was a great student and had the best grades at the university, but this

person has a limitation: Candidate N° 1 has no

experience in sales.


So, the big question in the manager’s head is: Can this person sell?


Now, the hiring manager is presented with Candidate N° 2.


This person, as Candidate N° 1, also has a Bachelor’s Degree, had good grades

at the university, but in addition has some experience in sales, perhaps in Real State,

Business to Business, auto parts, you name it. This person is also showing a great history of

sales’ achievements.


Between the two of them, of course Candidate N° 2 has an upper hand because

already answers the question in the hiring manager’s head.


However candidate Number 2 has a another challenge:

Can this person sell to doctors?


Because doctors are really particular: They went to school from 12 to 15 years to learn

what they’re doing, and if somebody shows up and tries to change their prescribing habits,

that may not be so simple.


Now imagine there is a Candidate N° 3. He has a Bachelor’s Degree and some

experience in medical or pharmaceutical sales.


Now, the balance goes to this new  candidate.


However, Candidate N° 3 can experience this new challenge: The hiring

manager is looking for somebody capable to sell the South part of

the city, and Candidate N° 3 has experience only in the North part of the city.



I have experienced this scenario a couple of times, and probably you’re asking, why this

detail is so relevant?


This is important because, when you’re hired to cover a new territory, you have new

accounts to take care of, with new doctors, new specialties, etc.


In this cases, even with all my years of experience it takes me from 7 to 9 nine months to

build relationships, and have the territory going.



The point is, if you don’t have any relationships with the doctors, is going to take sometime

to earn the doctor’s and your client’s trust.

How to become a pharmaceutical sales rep


So, if Candidate N° 4 shows up, and proves he has the experience and built relationships

already in the target territory (beside the Bachelor’s Degree), that becomes a plus because

to get sales going in this scenario general takes just 3 or 4 months.


As you may suppose, the company will produce faster results if they hire

Candidate N° 4, who already has contacts in the territory and can pull some strings



This is the reason why many candidates lose their chance against someone who already has

experience in the territory that the hiring manager is trying to fill.


These are some of the challenges you may face if you’re trying to break into

pharmaceutical sales.


However, they are ways to overcome these challenges!


With my formula, you can be in the position of Candidate N° 1 or N° 2 and 

get the job! even if you’re competing against Candidates N° 3 or 4.


If you really want to get a position as pharmaceutical sales, I invite you to get my training

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