Pharmaceutical Sales Hiring Process

Most of my students experience high levels of anxiety during the hiring process to get into pharmaceutical sales.


There are several reasons for this:


  • They really want the job and there is a lot of competition for every position.
  • The process is long and different from many other jobs.


how to get into pharma sales

I am going to explain the typical process, so you know what to expect.


First of all, keep in mind that the typical hiring process usually takes a couple of months.



It may take three months from the first contact to the starting date.


Sometimes I have heard companies saying the want to move “really fast”, but even in those cases the process may take a month or more.


The fastest I have ever heard is a week and half, but don’t have that expectation in your mind.


The Steps:


Once you apply (this can be on the company’s website, through a recruiter or by email), the first step is a phone screening. Most candidates get stuck here because they don’t even make it to the phone screening to begin with.


This is where getting the right advice makes a huge difference.


This call tends to be brief (about 15 minutes). In most cases you are contacted by a recruiter or a HR representative. They will ask you about your qualifications; make a brief walk through your resume, etc.


If you qualify, the second is usually a phone call with the hiring manager. This call usually last around 45 minutes. It will be more in depth about your education, professional history and probably some behavioral questions.


The third step is usually a face to face interview. This can be with the hiring manager alone, but in most cases the manager brings someone else. It can be and HR representative and/or other district manager.


These face to face can be a one on one or a panel interview.


how to become a drug repSome companies make as much as 6 face to face interviews. They tend to be performed the same day. But I would say the average is only one or two face to face interviews.

If you are alive in the process (at this time you feel you are in American Idol), the last interview is usually with the regional manager. This last interview is not as intense as the previous ones.


You just need his bless. It is more like a confirmation that you are the right person based on the district manager’s decision.


Some companies can bring the best two candidates at this stage and then decide which will be the one.


A few companies will ask you to perform a ride along with a sales rep. They do this, so you can have a better idea about how the job is and to make sure you really like it.


Once you pass this, you should receive a phone call with a verbal offer. Once accepted, the company will send you a written offer by Fedex or email.


Always remember that the offer is contingent to pass a background check and in many cases a drug test.


I know the process may sound complicated. Without the right preparation it can be. But that’s why a developed my online program, to provide you with all the foundations you need to excel in each step of the process and handle it with ease.


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