Resume Tips to get a job in Pharmaceutical Sales

The first step in the process of getting a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep is to have an outstanding preparation of your resume. After having the qualifications met to get the job, this is the most important step.

The resume will not give you the job but it is what makes your phone ring to get the initial phone screening.

Presenting a resume might be your greatest opportunity to create a great initial impression.

Here are some Tips:

Make Sure you tweak you resume according to the position you are applying to

You can have a general resume, but if you can tailor it a bit to create a better focus for the position you are applying, that would be beneficial. For instance, if you are applying for a position to call on Cardiologist, and you have some experience in that field. You have to make sure you put that upfront and make special emphasis about it in the first line of you cover letter.

Highlight Awards

By nature, pharmaceutical sales is a very competitive environments. Managers want winner and achievers.  Try to use BOLD fonts to highlight awards and you top achievements. Just don’t over do it.

The last position must look like the strongest

Even if you did better in previous jobs, make sure you dig deeper in what you did in your last job. This is an advice I have always received in my career from every mentor and many people is not aware of this.

If you are having difficulties with this, my assessment included in the video series will be of great help in this matter.

Resume Tips to get a job in Pharmaceutical Sales

General Guidelines to Resume Writing for Pharmaceutical Sales

Your resume’s initial 15 to 20 words are critical because this is the length of time it will take to capture the attention of the hiring manager. Begin with a short summary of your skills. Later in your resume, you will have the chance to provide details of your experience as well as in your cover letter.

The summary should emphasize how capable you are of handling the job at hand. The title should be compatible with what is being sought after in the job.

Share Achievements Rather than Responsibilities
A lot of what you mention should be on attainments such as promotions earned by your team and targets met. Provide valid examples and if you can, quote money gained, as this will capture more attention from people.

Focus on anything that shows evolution, improvement, etc. This should be the core of your resume. If you can add the month and the year where the accomplishment was attained is even better.
Maintain Legibility
Use just the fonts commonly used. Fanciness is not the most important factor, but rather, clarity, tidiness and elegance.

Seek Assistance

It may be difficult to remain purposeful about your personal experience and attainments. A lot of people exaggerate or play down their attainments.

As I mentioned before, this is a very competitive environment. My best advice is seek for professional assistant to get the most out of your background and qualifications, because you will need it for sure to break into pharma.