Who should not try to become a pharmaceutical sales rep (requirements)

There are some important things that may disqualify you to become a pharmaceutical  sales rep.


These are the most important disqualifiers:

Criminal record. This is a big no-no for pharmaceutical companies. Since they are very

strict with the background-check process, they will know if you have a criminal record

and they will not give you the position, even if you have already passed through the first

stages of the hiring process.

So, if this is your case, unfortunately being a pharmaceutical sales rep is probably out of reach.

DUI in the last 3 to 5 years. Since companies are going to give a company car, and they will pay car insurance for their reps, this profile is something they don’t want to deal with.

Credit history. If you have horrible credit history such as a recent bankruptcy history and so on; pharmaceutical companies won’t consider you as a good candidate.

Keep in mind that they will try to issue a corporate credit card for you, so that is a critical reason why they want to stay way for candidates like that.

If this is your case and you really want to become a drug rep try to fix your credit history before applying.

Out from these specific scenarios, you can go for it.

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