July 11, 2015

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  • Hi, my name is Dylan Jess. Do you have any contact info for pharmaceutical representatives in Oregon. My hardest part is networking with people considering most hospitals here in Oregon ban sales reps

  • Hi Elvis,

    I’ve got my master diploma in microbiology. I’ve finished university in Europe. Its not a problem that my diploma is not from USA?

    • Not at all

      As long as you have at least a bachelor’s degree

      I graduated in Venezuela and worked for Pfizer here with my degree from there

  • Hi Elvis,

    My name is Abdulsalam, I have medical bachelor’s degree& managerial skills for 8 years in North Africa,
    what is your advising for me before i apply for pharmaceutical sales rep.

    • Are you going to apply in your country?

      Having a bachelor’s is the first step and you have it. Get some sales experience and prepare for the interview process.

  • Hi Elvis,
    What if my degree is in Human Resource Management, but I have 2 years sales experience in the insurance industry and my background is in the dental field and medical field hiring nurses (years ago), but I am seeking to switch careers?
    Moreover, I will be graduating with my BS in HR Management August 2017, will this be an issue that I will be a new grad?
    Thank you in advance for your advice!

    • That degree is fine and your sales experience is a huge plus.

      Prepare for the process and you will get there quickly.

      I would start applying 4-5 months before graduation. Just let the recruiters know your estimated graduation date

      Good luck!

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